4,167 cities certified ODF through Third Party Verification

  • Swachh Bharat Mission-Urban (SBM-U) has achieved its target of creating Urban India ODF.
  • Urban areas of 35 states / UTS have become ODF. In all, 4320 cities out of 4372 have declared themselves ODF, of which 4167 cities have been certified through third-party verification.
  • construction of nearly 65.81 lakh Individual Household Toilets against Mission target of 59 lakhs and 5.89 lakh seats of community / public toilets against Mission target of 5.08 lakh seats has been completed under the Mission.
  •   MoHUA has launched the ODF+ and ODF++ protocols. While ODF+ protocol focuses on O&M of community / public toilets by ensuring functionality and proper maintenance of CT/PTs for their continued usage, ODF++ focuses on addressing safe management of fecal sludge from toilets and ensuring that no untreated sludge is discharged into open drains, water bodies or in the open.
  • Till date,819 cities have been certified ODF+, and 312 cities have been certified ODF++.
  • Recently, MoHUA has introduced the Water + protocol, designed to ensure that no untreated wastewater is discharged into the open environment or water bodies.
  • MoHUA has partnered with Google to map all public toilets on Google maps, thereby improving the ease of access to  the sanitation facilities to the citizens.


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