antibiotics used in agriculture


  • streptomycin is found to effective against bacterial seed born pathogen.
  •  used to control fireblight of pome fruits like apple, pear , citrus canker
  • it is mixed with oxytetracycline and mixture is called agrimycine.
  • also used as a deep for potato seeds against bacterial rots of the tuber.


  • a by-product in the production of streptomycin.Trade name Acitidione.
  • systemic fungicide.
  • active against a wide range of fungi and yeast but ineffective against bacteria.
  • used to control mildew of beans, cover smut of oats, Tilletia spp.
  • there is a little difference between its effective concentration and phytotoxic concentration, therefore not used for disease control in crops.


  • produced from Streptomyces gryseochromogenes.
  • active against both bacteria and fungi but has growth inhibition properties.
  • used to control rice blast.


  • obtained from the culture of Streptomyces kasugaensis.
  • used against both bacteria and fungi.
  • selective in nature. more active as an eradicant.
  • used to control rice blast.


  • obtained as a byproduct of various species of Penicillium.
  • active against fungi.
  • it affects the growth of hyphae thus it is not a true fungicide.
  • used to control powdery mildew of beans, brown rot of apple, downy mildew of cucurbits.


  • produced in cultures of Streptomyces cinnamomens.
  • broad-spectrum systemic fungicide.
  • In India, it is mainly used against gummosis in citrus.
  • used for seed treatment to protect from rot in storage.


  • nonsystemic fungicide isolated from some Streptomyces spp.
  • .mostly effective against soil born diseases.
  • used to control sheath blight in rice.