Antitranspirant types

Antitranspirants are materials applied to the plant surfaces to reduce transpiration. Main antitranspirant types are as follows- Stomata closing type: They reduce water loss through closing stomata. Examples are Phenyl … Read More


Antitranspirants are materials applied to the plant surface to reduce transpiration from the plant. Reduce photosynthesis hence their use should be limited to save the crop from death under severe … Read More

Noxious weeds

Noxious weeds: These weeds are especially undesirable troublesome and difficult to control. Examples of noxious weeds are- Cyperous rotundus Saccharum moonja Lantana camara Parthenium hysterophorus Echornnia craspes Imperta cyliderica Cynodon … Read More

Obligate weeds

Obligate weeds occur only in the cultivated land. These weeds are never found in wild form. Examples of such type of weeds are Chenopodium, Convolves arvensis, Anagallis.

Types of Agriculture

Types of Agriculture Agriculture Objective Quantity of input Output Subsistence Agriculture (low-level equilibrium) To sustain life and family need Low Low Commercial farming(high-level equilibrium) To obtain income High High Sustainable … Read More


Propesticide is a pesticidally active material or compound which in its original form is inactive and is transformed into an active state by a plant, animal or microorganism. Examples are: … Read More

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