BPSC mains 65th Question paper-II

BPSC mains 65th Question paper-II

BPSC Mains 65th CCE Question paper-II GENERAL STUDIES

Examination held in November 2020

Time: 3 hours      Total Marks: 300

NOTE: Answer eight questions, three each from Section-I and II and two from Section-III.


  1. Do you agree with the view that our Constitution has given Fundamental Rights by one hand and taken them back by another hand?
  2. “Indian Parliament is a non-sovereign law making institute.” Evaluate this statement.
  3. “The system of Indian Political Parties is not nationalistic but it is individualistic .” Explain this fact in the context of Bihar state.
  4. What do you understand by E-governance? Discuss the position of E-governance implementation in Bihar.


  1. Evaluate the production and productivity trends in Indian agriculture since 1991. What practical measures should be adopted to enhance agricultural production and productivity in Bihar?
  2. Discuss the relevance of economic planning in India in the post-economic reform era. In this context, explain that how State and market can play a synergic role in the economic development of the country.
  3. What is the new definition of micro, small and medium enterprises? Critically evaluate the role of MSMEs in boosting industrial growth and ensuring the success of Aatmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan in India.
  4. What are the main constrain in the rapid economic development of Bihar ? How can these constraints be removed?


  1. In India, ‘Make in India” is a type of Swadeshi Movement launched by Modi government. To promote this movement, discuss the role of science and technology citing the examples in detail.
  2. In the present scenario, main issues in the countries are: “ Increasing population, higher health risks, degraded natural resources and dwindling farm lands”. Discuss at least four scientific initiatives on each of the four areas that you would like to apply.
  3. Bihar continue to experience natural disasters like flood and drought on a regular basis. What role can science and technology play in disaster forecasting and management? Explain your answer with practical examples.
  4. Discuss, in details, what role can science and technology play to control the job crisis situation and to sustain the development of the nation due to Covid-19 situation.