Total marks: 300 , Time- 3 Hours

Instruction : Total 8 questions to be answered ( three each from section -I & II and two from section-III)

Section-I : History

  1. Describe the people’s contribution in Bihar during the Quit India Movement of 1942.
  2. Discuss the development of western education in Bihar from 1813 to 1947.
  3. Throw the light on Mauryan Art and abalyze its impact in Bihar.
  4. “Gandhi’s mystique consisted of a union of original ideas with a remarkable flair for tactics and an uncanny insight in the mass mind.” Elucidate.
  5. Evaluate the contribution of Rabindranath Tagore in Bengali literature and music.
  6.  Examine the main features of Foreign Policy of Jawaharlal Nehru.

Section-II : Current Affairs

7. What is Doklam Standoff? What were its underlying causes? What did Indian learn on diplomatic and strategic platform from it? Can the Gandhian philosophy be helpful in resolving such disputes? If yes, how?

8. Elucidate the Demonetisation scheme. In your views , up to what extent it was successful or unsuccessful? What were its effect on the Liquor Ban Policy of the Bihar Government?

9. Thoroughly explain the dispute between North Korea and America.Is United Nations Playing an Important  role in resolving this dispute? If yes, how? And, if no, what are the underlying reasons ? Give some suitable suggestions in resolving this issue.

10. What is GST? What were the major reasons behind its introduction in India? What were the pros and cons of its implementation on India’s economy and its monetary  policy?

11. What do you understand by Human rights? Throw light on the Universal Declaration of Human rights ( 1948) by UNO. What were the major effort made by the Bihar Government in fostering them in last decade?

Section-III : Statistics