BPSC Mains Question for 64th CCE Paper 2

  • BPSC 64th Mains examination held in July 2019.


Total marks 300.                                                          Time -3 Hrs

  • Section -I ( Polity) : 3 questions to be answered out of 4 asked.
  • Section-II ( Geography and Economics): 3 questions to be answered out of 4 asked.
  • Section-III ( Science and Technology): 2 questions to be answered out of 4 asked.


  1. “The Indian Constitution postulates in its Preamble that India shall be a socialist, secular, democratic, republic.” What are the constitutional provision to enforce this declaration?- 38 Marks
  2. Critically examine the role of Governor in the State politics in India, particularly in Bihar. In he a mere puppet? – 38 Marks
  3. “Judicial activism is a recent phenomenon in the India Governance.” Comment and bring out the main arguments in favour and against of judicial activism.- 38 Marks
  4. Too many political parties are the bane of Indian politics.” Explain this fact in the context of Bihar. – 38 Marks


5. Critically examine the need of “food security” in India.– 38 Marks

6. Explain the role of WTO in the context of Indian economy. – 38 Marks

7. Evaluate the principal achievement of Indian economic Planning. – 38 Marks

8. Unless the growth of population is checked in India, the economic development cannot be judged in its true perspective.” Examine the statement. – 38 Marks

SECTION-III (Science and Technology)

9. Despite the fact that India has got a very good network of rivers, there are several regions that suffer from water shortage and particularly potable water. Discuss the role of science and technology in water management to address this problem citing examples. – 36 marks

10. With ever-rising electricity demand and depleting conventional energy resources, country is facing acute power shortage at present. Describe in detail the means provided by present-day science and technology to overcome the grueling energy demands. – 36 marks

11.Present day government is trying to develop smart cities in different states. What are your vision about smart cities? Elucidate the role of science and technology in the development of ideal smart cities.- 36 marks

12. Manifold increase of population and non-planning has led to disproportionate garbage generation. Discuss the different types pf wastes. How can the country eradicate this problem with the help of science and Technology? describe in Detail.- 36 Marks