BPSC Mains Question for 64th CCE Paper-1

  • BPSC 64th Mains examination held in July 2019.


Total marks 300.                                                          Time -3 Hrs

  • Section -I ( History) : 3 questions to be answered out of 6 asked.
  • Section-II( Current Affairs): 3 questions to be answered out of 5 asked.
  • Section-III( Statistics): 2 questions to be answered out of 4 asked.


  1. Critically examine the evolution of Indian nationalism since the ate 19th
  2. “Champaran Satyagraha is a watershed in the freedom struggle.” Elucidate.
  3. What were the reasons behind overseas immigration in the 19thcentury British India? Discuss in the light of the indenture system with special reference to Bihar.
  4. Examine the characteristics of tribal protest in the 19thcentury with suitable examples. Give reason for their failure.
  5. Discuss the feature of Mauryan Art and architecture and its relationship with Buddhism.
  6. Write short notes on any two of the followings:
    1. Working class and National movement
    2. Impact of census of 1881 on caste and religion identities.
    3. Nehru and Secularism.


  1. What is the major focus of UNDP Human Development Report, 2019? In what way does the analysis go beyond income, averages and present condition? Critically examine.
  2. Discuss the prospects of trade promotion between Afghanistan and India with the launching of New Export Route to and from India through Chabahar Port.
  3. Critically examine the key variables that support well-being as per the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network.
  4. Why does India has an Open Door Policy with Nepal and Bhutan as regards free movement of People between two countries? Explain.
  5. Discuss the UAE’s invitation for India as a Guest of Honour to attend the OIC Foreign Ministries Meet as a signal change in geopolitical dynamics.