CAMPA fund for afforestation

  • Centre releases Rs. 47,436 crores on 29th August 2019 for afforestation to various states under CAMPA fund. This is to achieve the objectives of  NDC.
  • This fund is released by Minister for Environment, Forest and Climate Change
  • The State budget for forests shall remain unaffected and the fund being transferred would be in addition to State Budget and it is expected that all States will utilize this fund towards forestry activities to achieve the objectives of the Nationally-Determined Contributions (NDCs) of increasing its forest & tree cover, which will create an additional carbon sink equivalent to 2.5 to 3 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide by the year 2030”.
  • The fund will be utilised will be for the Compensatory Afforestation, Catchment Area Treatment, Wildlife Management, Assisted Natural Regeneration, Forest Fire Prevention and Control Operations, Soil and Moisture Conservation Works in the forest, Improvement of Wildlife Habitat, Management of Biological Diversity and Biological Resources, Research in Forestry and Monitoring of CAMPA works etc”.
  • Bakground of CAMPA ( Compensatory Afforestation Fund and Compensatory Afforestation Fund Management and Planning Authority) :
  • Due to under-utilisation of the money collected towards compensatory afforestation, Hon’ble Supreme Court of India ordered for establishment of CAMPA in 2001.
  • In 2006, separate bank accounts were opened in which the compensatory levies were deposited and adhoc CAMPA was established for the management of Compensatory afforestation fund.
  • In 2009, Hon’ble Supreme Court permitted release of Rs.1000 crore every year to States/UTs for compensatory afforestation and other activities.
  • In 2014, Hon’ble Supreme Court permitted release of 10% of total deposit of states in the fund from interest accrued on the deposits.
  • This Act has provisioned that CAMPA funds shall be kept in interest bearing non-lapsable Public Account.  After notification of CAF Rules, with approval of the Supreme Court on 28 Jan 2019, an amount of Rs.54,685 Crore from Ad-hoc CAMPA has been brought under the control of Government of India.
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