• CAMPA ( Compensatory Afforestation Fund and Compensatory Afforestation Fund Management and Planning Authority)
  • Due to under-utilisation of the money collected towards compensatory afforestation, Hon’ble Supreme Court of India ordered for establishment of CAMPA in 2001.
  • In 2006, separate bank accounts were opened in which the compensatory levies were deposited and adhoc CAMPA was established for the management of Compensatory afforestation fund.
  • In 2009, Hon’ble Supreme Court permitted release of Rs.1000 crore every year to States/UTs for compensatory afforestation and other activities.
  • In 2014, Hon’ble Supreme Court permitted release of 10% of total deposit of states in the fund from interest accrued on the deposits.
  • This Act has provisioned that CAMPA funds shall be kept in interest bearing non-lapsable Public Account.  After notification of CAF Rules, with approval of the Supreme Court on 28 Jan 2019, an amount of Rs.54,685 Crore from Ad-hoc CAMPA has been brought under the control of Government of India.
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