Metamorphosis examples

Metamorphosis examples A) Incomplete or Direct metamorphosis-  Orthoptera- Locust, Grasshopper, Cockroach Thysanoptera- Thrips Isoptera- Termites Heteroptera- True bugs Homoptera- Aphids, leaf hoppers. B) Complete or Indirect metamorphosis Coleoptera- Beetles, Weevils … Read More

Larva types

Larva types Larva type Example Nymph Hemiptera( bugs, whitefly, aphids, and jassids, Hoppers) Caterpillar Lepidoptera (moths, bollworms, borers except  Lesser grain borer Grub Coleoptera and Hymenoptera(mustard sawfly) Maggot Diptera (all  … Read More


Propesticide is a pesticidally active material or compound which in its original form is inactive and is transformed into an active state by a plant, animal or microorganism. Examples are: … Read More

Pest categories

Pest categories 1)key pests: These pest categories are the most severe and damaging pests. GEP(General Equilibrium Position) lies well above the DB (Damage Boundary) and EIL(Economic Injury Level). Ex- Cotton … Read More

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