Soils and related soil orders

Soils and related soil orders Major soil Soil order Alluvial Inceptisols,Entisols,Alfisols,Aridisols Red soil Alfisols,Ultisols,Entisols,Inceptisols,Mollisols,Aridisols Laterite Alfisols, Ultisols, Inceptisols Black soils Vertisols,Mollisols,Inceptisols,Entisols,Aridisols Desert Aridisols,Inceptisols,Entisols Hills Inceptisols, Entisols Forest Alfisols Salt affected … Read More

Soil orders

Soil orders and their features SN Soil orders Features 1 Inceptisols Young, embryonic soil with few diagnostic features. 2 Entisols Recently formed (Alluvial soils), little profile development 3 Vertisols Dark … Read More

Salinity tolerance of various crops

Salinity tolerance of various crops High tolerant Medium tolerant Sensitive  Barley ,Sarson, Cotton, Beet Palak,Date Wheat,Oat,Rice,Soybean,Sun Flower, Maize,Linseed,tomato Cabbage,Cauliflower,Potato,Chilli Onion,Cucumber,Bottle guard Grape,Mango,Anar, Sudangrass Beans,Radish, Carrot, Pear, Apple, Orange, Almond, Citrus

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