Noxious weeds

Noxious weeds: These weeds are especially undesirable troublesome and difficult to control. Examples of noxious weeds are- Cyperous rotundus Saccharum moonja Lantana camara Parthenium hysterophorus Echornnia craspes Imperta cyliderica Cynodon … Read More

Obligate weeds

Obligate weeds occur only in the cultivated land. These weeds are never found in wild form. Examples of such type of weeds are Chenopodium, Convolves arvensis, Anagallis.

Herbicides trade names

Herbicides Trade names Atrazine Atratex,Atrataf Alachlor Lasso Butachlor Mechate Dalapon Dowfon Isoproturon Ronak,Arelon Fluchloralin Basalin Monouron Telvar Metalochlor Dual Metribuzin Sencor Lectophan Cobra Nitrofen Tok E-25 Oxadiazon Ronstar Metsulfuron Escort … Read More

herbicides chemical groups

Group Herbicides Aliphatics Dalapon,TCA Amides Alachlor,butachlor,propanil Bipyricilliums Paraquat,diquat Dinitro anilines Fllluchloralin,pendimethalin Phenoxy acids 2,4-D, MCPA Thiocarbamates Benthiocarb,thiobencarb Triazines Atrazine,Simazine,Terbutryn,Metribuzin Phenyl Ureas Monuron,Diuron Sufonulureas Metsulfuron,Sulfosulfuron Unclassified Glyhosate

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