Chandrayaan Orbiter lander and rover

  • Chandrayaan- 2 is India’s second moon mission launched on 22nd July’19 and expected to reach moon surface by 7th Sept’19. This  mission is ingenuously built and Launched by ISRO.
  •  It has three part- Orbitor, Lander( Vikram) and Rover (Pragyan)
  • Orbiter: Weight 2379 kg and electricity generation capacity of 1000 W. At the time of launch, the Chandrayaan 2 Orbiter will be capable of communicating with Indian Deep Space Network (IDSN) at Byalalu as well as the Vikram Lander. The mission life of the Orbiter is one year and it will be placed in a 100X100 km lunar polar orbit.
  • Lander: Weight 1471 kg and electricity generation capacity of 650 W. The Lander of Chandrayaan 2 is named Vikram after Dr Vikram A Sarabhai, the Father of the Indian Space Programme. It is designed to function for one lunar day, which is equivalent to about 14 Earth days. Vikram has the capability to communicate with IDSN at Byalalu near Bangalore, as well as with the Orbiter and Rover. The Lander is designed to execute a soft landing on the lunar surface.
  • Rover : Weight 27 kg and electricity generation capacity of 50 W. Chandrayaan 2’s Rover is a 6-wheeled robotic vehicle named Pragyan, which translates to ‘wisdom’ in Sanskrit. It can travel up to 500 m (½-a-km) and leverages solar energy for its functioning. It can only communicate with the Lander.
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