colour and pungency chemicals in fruit and vegetables

Certain chemicals are responsible for the colour and pungency of horticultural crops. These are:

Yellow color in papaya Caricaxanthin
Redness of apple Anthocyanin
Red color of tomato Lycopin
Red color of chilly Capcyanthin
Pungency of chilli capscicin
Orange dolor of carrot Carotene
Red color of carrot Anthocyanin
Yellow color of turmeric Curcumin
Bitterness of better gourd Memordicocite
Bitterness of cucumber Cucurbitacin
Yellow color of onion Quercetin
Red color of onion Anthocyanin
Pungency of onion Allyl propyl di-sulphide
Pungency of raphanus Isocyanate
Pungency of mustard Glucosilates
Pungency of garlic Alycine
Green color of potato tuber Solanin
Sour taste of gram leaves Malic/oxalic acid
Pungency of pepper Oleoresin
Pungency of cabbage leaves singrin