Cropping intensity

Cropping intensity(CI) refers to raising a number of crops from the same field during one agriculture year. It can be expressed as

CI = [Total cropping area/net cultivated area] x 100

 higher cropping intensity means that a higher portion of the net area is being cropped more than once during one agricultural year.

 This also implies higher productivity per unit of arable land during one agricultural year.

For example, suppose a farmer owns 10 hectares of land, and gets the crop from these 10 ha during the Kharif season and, again, during the rabi season he raises a crop from 6 ha. He, thus, gets the effective products from 16 ha, although he owns only 10 ha physically. In this case

Cropping Intensity= (16/10)X100 =160%

CI of India is nearly 135%

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