National Policy and action plan for Implementation of ICT( Information and communication technology) in the Indian Judiciary –2005. With a vision to make judiciary enabled of ICT. E-Courts is mission mode pan-India project funded by Ministry of Law and justice.  


  • To provide efficient and time bound service.
  • To implement decision support system in courts.
  • To automate the process to provide transparency.
  • To make judiciary cost effective, accessible and reliable.


Phase-I from 2007 to 2015.

  • Computerisation of district courts by construction of complex, hardware installation, LAN and case installation Software.
  • Large number of District courts launched their websites. Training of judicial officers and staffs for use of case information system(CIS).
  • CIS master trainers has trained the District System Administrators (DSA) and DSA has trained all the staffs for CIS.

Phase-II : started in 2015.

  • With installation of additional hardware and covering of uncovered and newly established court.
  • Adaption of cloud computing software.
  • Co-operation between department of justice, NIC, DietY and Ministry of finance.
  • Implementation of Free and open source solution ( FOSS)
  • Court complex to be connected to the Jail and Desktop based video conferencing  to go beyond routine remand and under trial prisoners. It will be used for recording evidence in the sensitive cases.
  • Integrated library management system for storage of digital data.
  • Certified copy of document will be available online and e-payment gateway for court fee & fine payment.