Electrical Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Guideline

Ministry of Power has issued a guideline regarding Electric Vehicle charging on 14 Dec 2018 :


  • To ensure faster adaption of electric vehicle , ensuring affordable charging infrastructure
  • Affordable tariff for charging
  • Proactively support for creation of EV charging station and eventually create market

In order to promote following facilities will be provided:

  • EV charging system at residents or offices will be permitted and DISCOMs to facilitate it.
  • Public charging station shall be de-licensed.
  • Charging station may get licence directly thru generating stations.
  • Location: At least one charging station shall be available in the grid of  3km x 3km grid.
  • CEA will create and maintain national database.
  • Tariff- will be same as domestic for domestic charging. Tariff to public charging station shall not be more that 15 % of the average tariff.
  • Implementation- In phase-I ( 1-3 years) in the mega cities with population 4 million. In Phase-II( 3-5 years) in the state capitals.