Entomology quick bites- 3


1. Most damaging order of insects is Coleoptera
2. Most of the insects belonging to order Hymenoptera are used as Predators
3. Insects having piercing and sucking types of mouthparts are controlled by systemic or contact poison
4. Insects having biting and chewing types of mouthparts are controlled by stomach poison.
5. A Lepidopteran parasitoid effective against Sugarcane pyrilla is Epiricania melanoleuca.
6. Vector for the virus causing grassy stunt disease is Brown Plant Hopper
7. Gundhi Bug causes damage at milking stage.
8. part of insect’s mouth parts act like tongue is Hypopharynx
9. Pink boll worm is a serious pest of Cotton
10. Biolep and Dipel are the name of biopesticides
11. Stylets are present in the mouth parts of plant bug
12. Dead heart in wheat is a characteristic symptoms of stem borer.(Sesamia inferens)
13. Haltere is present in order Diptera
14. In insects, Nicotin causes failure of nervous system.
15. Nicotin as an insecticide is commercially available Nicotin sulphate
16. Flooding of the fields is helpful in the control of termites and white grubs.
17. The first commercial formulation of NPV is Elcar
18. For the control of mango mealy bug Tree Banding is useful.
19. Nosema disease of honey bee is caused by a protozoa
20. Imidacloprid is used for seed treatment for the protection against sucking pests.