How to remove problems of Indian Agriculture

Methods to remove problem in Indian Agriculture: 

  1. Reduce the Dependency of agriculture on Monsoon by providing proper means of Irrigation system through canals, Tubewell , Interlinking of rivers, Diesel subsidy etc.
  2. Making easy availability of HYV seeds at cheaper or subsidized price at the time of requirement.
  3. To ensure availability of fertilizerat lower price. Awareness of types and quantity of fertilizer required.
  4. Easy availability and suitable time and quantity of use of Insecticide and pesticide at lower price.
  5. To makeEasy finance/loan available thru bank to improve financial condition of farmers at low  interest rates so they could purchase seeds , fertilizer, machinery to increase the production.
  6. To makeagriculture more profitable so that it can math with the present inflation. Reduce the input cost and increase the sell price could make it more profitable. Facilitate the farmers to sell the product at MSP and higher price.
  7. Government initiatives to control floodand alternate arrangement for irrigation in case of draught. Dams and Barrage could be constructed to control flood. Canal & interlinking of rivers for irrigation system boost-up.
  8. Development of ware houses for Storage of grains. Knowledge of technique for proper storage at farmers houses.
  9. Variety of crops to be produced to be explored as mixed cropping to increase the production. Like oil seeds can be planted along with wheat and pulses.
  10. Harvesting of zaid crops to increase farmers profit. Development of irrigation system for plantation of third crops.
  11. Educate the farmers to make them suitable t understand the techniques an d facilities available to them by Government.
  12. Subsidy and loan facility for purchase of machines (Harvesters, Seed drill, Thressor, tractors etc). Machines will reduce time and cost of agriculture. New machine has been developed for the plaughing without burning of the straw form paddy or wheat. It reduce pollution and also straw will as fertilizer when decompose in the soil.
  13. Implementation of Soil Health card facilityto the ground level so that proper use of fertilizer and suitable choice of crops can be identified.
  14. Development offood park for Food processing facility so that perishable items like vegetables and fruits can be processed and packed for future use.
  15. Increase the productivity per acreby choosing suitable crops, fertilizer and other inputs. Implementation of Green Revolution.
  16. Implementation of Organic farming. It will reduce cost of fertilizer, insecticide and pesticide. Also produce thru organic farming sold at the higher price compared to non organic product. In this soil health will also be maintained/ improved.
  17. Mixed farming means farming along with cattle. Waste of cattle will be used as fertilizer and it will be dual benefit process.