Litchi Toxin death in Bihar

  • In June 2019, more than 100 children were dead due to AES (Acute Encephalitis Syndrome).
  • Main reasons of the death were anticipated that it is due to eating of Litchi by undernourished children and after eating litchi, sleeping in night empty stomach.
  • Fact:
      • Litchi contains naturally occurring toxin called ‘Methylene Cyclopropyl Glycine (MCPG).
      • Undernourished children eating Litch and going to be bed empty stomach at night is at high risk.
      • In early morning there is normal tendency of blood sugar to down . Then body natural mechanism brings back blood sugar level up to normal.
      • The reserve ‘Glocogen’ in liver is first converted to Glucose. Process called Glycogenolysis.
      • Once Glycogen reserve exhausted, fatty acid started to convert in Glucose. process called Gluconeogenesis.
      • The MCPG toxins halt the conversion of fatty acid to glucose, and relaesing amino acid which¬† are toxic to cells.