Mission for integrated development of horticulture

The missionĀ for integrated development of horticulture

  • Centrally sponsored schme which was launched in 2014-15.
  • With an objective to promote the holistic development of Horticulture sector.(including bamboo and coconut.)
  • Improve productivity,postharvest management, and marketing infrastrcture.
  • promote FPOs.
  • Funding- 60% of contribution by central government( For NE states and Himalayan States (90%). and remaining is contributed by state gobernment.

Following sub schemes are included.

  • National Horticulture Mission
  • Horticulture Mission for NE and Himalayan States.
  • National Horticulture Board and Coconyt Development Board are implementing various schemes under MIssion.
  • Central Institute for Horticulture, Nagaland for providing technical support.