Soils and related soil orders

Soils and related soil orders Major soil Soil order Alluvial Inceptisols,Entisols,Alfisols,Aridisols Red soil Alfisols,Ultisols,Entisols,Inceptisols,Mollisols,Aridisols Laterite Alfisols, Ultisols, Inceptisols Black soils Vertisols,Mollisols,Inceptisols,Entisols,Aridisols Desert Aridisols,Inceptisols,Entisols Hills Inceptisols, Entisols Forest Alfisols Salt affected … Read More


Denavelling- Removal of male bud after completion of the female phase is known as denavelling. This checks the movement of photosynthates into the unwanted sink and promotes fruit development.

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