Philip Kotler Presidential award presented to PM Narendra Modi on 14-Jan-2019

Highlights of the Award

  • Introduced first Time.
  • Awarded to PM Narendra Modi.
  • From EMORY University Georgia, USA
  • Philip Kotler is Professor of Marketing at Northwestern University.
  • The Prime Minister Sh Narendra Modi received the first-ever Philip Kotler Presidential award on 14-Jan-2019 in New Delhi.
  • The award focuses on the People,Profit and Planet.
  • It will be offered annually to the leader of Nation.
  • The Award Citation says:“Shri Narendra Modi is selected for his outstanding leadership for the nation. His selfless service towards India, combined with his tireless energy has resulted in extraordinary economic, social and technological advances in the country.”
  • Citation also added  “Under his leadership, India is now identified as the Centre for Innovation and Value Added Manufacturing (Make in India), as well as a global hub for Information Technology, Accounting and Finance.”
  • The Citation mentions initiatives such as Aadhar , Make in India, Startup India, Digital India, and Swachh Bharat.

Prof. Philip Kotler is a world renowned Professor of Marketing at Northwestern University. Owing to his ill-health, he deputed Dr. Jagdish Sheth of EMORY University, Georgia, USA, to confer the award.

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