Propagation methods of fruit crops

Here is the list of propagation methods of fruit crops on a commercial scale.

Fruit Crop Propagation method
Citrus Seeds/Air layering
Grape Hardwood cutting
Pomegranate Cutting/Air layering
Tea Softwood cutting
Litchi Air layering/Gootee
Guava Stooling
Banana Sword sucker
Date palm Offshoot/sucker
Pineapple Suckers/slips
Strawberry Runners
Aonla T-budding/Patch-budding
Ber Ring& T-budding
Custard apple T-budding
Sapota softwood grafting, approach grafting
rose Shield budding
apple Shield budding
Cashewnut Softwood grafting

Papaya, Phalsa, Coffee, and Jamun are propagated by seeds

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