Sorghum shoot fly

  • Sorghum shoot fly (Atherigona soccata)
  •  Muscidae
  • Order- Diptera
  1. Most important pest of sorghum attacks at the seedling stage( 6 leaf stage)  1 to 4 weeks after seedling emergence.
  2. maggots feed on the main shoot and growing point is destroyed which is easily plucked out.
  3. young plants show typical dead heart symptom.
  4. Older plants (>30 days after seedling emergence) are not usually damaged by A. soccata. however, under conditions of high humidity during the rainy season, infestation may occur.
  5. cloudy weather is favorable for the multiplication of insects.
  6. infestation is higher in irrigated fields.


  • early sowing just after the onset of monsoon.
  • use of higher seed rate
  • use of fish meal trap
  • removal of infested plants
  • application of Phorate 10 G or Carbofuran 3 G @ 2.5 kg a.i/ha at the time of sowing
  • foliar application of cartap hydrochloride a week after the emergence of crop.
  • Parasitoids : Trichogrammatoidea simmonalsi, Trichogramma chilonis, Neotrichoporoides nyemitawus
  • Predators: Spiders, Coccinellids, lace wings etc.


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