Urban Forest scheme to develop 200 Nagar Van

Urban Forest scheme to develop 200 Nagar Van in the next 5 years.

  1. Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change has adopted Nagar van as the theme of WED(World Environment Day) celebrations 2020 to promote and conserve biodiversity in urban landscapes.
  2. these forests will work as lungs of the cities and will primarily be on the forest land in the City or any other vacant land offered by local urban local bodies.
  3. The Warje Urban Forest in Pune is now a role model for the rest of the country.
  4. India is endowed with rich biodiversity having several species of animals and plants and hosts 4 of the 35 global bio-diversity hotspots.
  5. India has 8 percent of world’s biodiversity,  2.5 % of the world’s landmass, has to carry 16% of human as well as cattle population, and having only 4% of fresh water sources.

click here Warje Urban Forest

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