Vescicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizae

Mycorrhizae is a product of association between a fungus and a plant root.

  • VAM is formed by the symbiotic association between certain phycomycetous fungi and the root of angiosperms.Here fungus depends on the plant for starch and reciprocates by providing several nutrients to plant.
  • The fungus penetrates the root cortex and form bladder-like structures called vesicles and branched finger-like hyphae called arbuscules.
  • vesicles are formed inter and intracellularly and have a storage function.
  • arbuscules are formed intracellularly and probably having absorptive function.
  • VAM fungus has the ability to dissolve the phosphates found in abundance in soil.
  • VAM provides the plant with the necessary strength to resist disease germs and unfavorable weather conditions.
  • also increases water availability.
  • VAM can be used by applying on the roots through nursery grow bags or by mixing in the compost.
  • Direct inoculation of root during germination or rooting can enhance the quality and quantity of Mycorrhizal formation.
  • 5 kg of VAM is recommended along with 10 kg of organic manure or vermicompost.
  • for horticultural crops and plantation crops, 25 gm /plant is recommended.